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‘The Most Boring Super Bowl Ever’

Words: Good Sport

Images: Justin Weaver & Chris McClure

Going into the event Justin Weaver and Chris McClure had no idea what to expect of Super Bowl LII. To be fair though, it was likely the same for the thousands of ticket holders, and the millions of digital viewers too. The performance of the Los Angeles Rams throughout the 2018-2019 season made an immaculate case for the possibility that they could really walk away on top. They did, however, have to go through the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots – a force that has become nothing short of legendary in their domination of the league over the better half of the past decade.

This year around it took place in Atlanta – a city that could very well be dubbed the “Capital of the South” – and the unique southern flare that advocates for such a title was on indeed show. Dire football fanatics and the unlucky folk scrounging for a last-minute ticket were all intertwined seamlessly within preachers, performers and those just there for the tailgate antics. For some it didn’t matter who won in the end – they were purely there to join the spectacle. In the lowest scoring Super Bowl performance in history, some would say that the spectacle ended not long after kick-off. Others, we suppose, are Patriots fans.


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