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RA Cup 2018

Words: Good Sport

Images: Ben Clement

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) had kicked off for another year with some of the best electronic music events, talks and parties over 5 days. And to bring everyone together both for a good cause and some competitive fun, Resident Advisor linked up with De School to host the third edition of the RA Cup. 16 teams comping it out for the coveted trophy. But most importantly funds were being raised for Mama Cash – the oldest international women’s fund in the world. Established in the Netherlands in 1983, it gives grants to more than 130 forward-thinking initiatives led by women, adolescent girls, trans and intersex people fighting for their rights.

Games were held across two ‘pitches’ while warmups happened anywhere and everywhere, from small corridors to outdoor corners with trees and retaining walls blocking the way of the ball. The RA Cup was the perfect meeting place for all Dj’s, record labels, radio stations, festivals and public to get together, chat about the week ahead, see old friends and enjoy a few games of Football.

We love seeing the choice of footwear people play in during events like these. From Converse Chuck Taylors to old AirMax’s or whatever was grabbed from the front door on the way out. We even spotted some hella nice Gucci loafers but we’re not sure if they got involved with kick arounds.

As the day went on the sun started to stream through the windows and potted palms to create a tropical environment, the heat mostly likely due to the amount of competitive sweat starting to heat the place up. Games were getting fiery with a couple of injuries that stopped games and bought out the ice-packs from the beer fridge. (We hope everyone who hurt themselves is Ok now, especially leading into the main weekend of ADE.)

The RA Cup is a true community event that is open to all people, a place that feels inclusive and is a really nice representation of the Dj’s, events, radio stations and festivals who’s teams were involved. And of course a good amount of passion for the game of Football.