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Prahran Summer Jam 19′

Words: Good Sport

Images: Georgia Haynes

We’ve been saying it for a while and we’ll keep on saying it. Basketball is alive and well in Melbourne, Australia. And at its core is the Prahran Summer Jam, now more than just a full day event with the additions of a kids dunk comp, an invitational 3×3 comp on a rooftop and an exclusive 3×3 Women’s comp. Since its beginnings in 2012, PSJ has gone from strength to strength. It’s community and core set out to elevate basketball in the city and provide a positive, competitive and energetic event on the calendar.

From beginning of the day the crowd line the courts – literally to the line. And if a good viewing spot can’t be found that close, you’ll find people climbing to the top of the half-pipe at the skatepark or hanging off the surrounding fences to cop a view.

While Basketball is a global game, the Prahran Summer Jam is a Melbourne original. From the people involved, to the suburb it’s in, it is a true showcase of what the city is about.

Photographer Georgia Haynes sat in the dipping sun and captured a chunk of the day for Good Sport.