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Outdoor Voices x Good Sport – Joggers Club

Words: Good Sport

Images: Jen Dessinger

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with the Newburgh Free Academy during their final training session leading into this years track and field season. Last week we met up again for a jog through Central Park with our friends Outdoor Voices.
Starting the night at the OV store, there was banter, good vibes and a realisation that Summer was pretty much over. Although the nights are getting cooler, when your endorphins kick in, that all goes out the window.
Plus, having post run refreshments by Sage Kitchen & Fuel Good Protein is an added bonus.
The crew warmed up, danced about and then headed off for a chill jog through the park. There is something for moving actively with likeminded people that stimulates not only good ideas and conversation but a feeling of comfort and support and that rung true on this night.


After interviewing, Liza, Ryler, Marielle and Brendon and then seeing them again for this jog it is obvious they really do love their city, there was so much joy for their teammates and a strong dedication and determination to continue to work hard and strive for more.



New York based photographer Jen Dessinger was there to capture what went down.

To read our previous interview with the Newburgh Track Team, hit this link.



Thanks to the Outdoor Voices crew and the Newburgh Free Academy Track Team for a great evening.