OFF SEASON* is an annual football tournament that brings together friends from the fashion and music worlds to raise money and awareness for the causes and issues they collectively feel strongly about. In the line up in it’s first season, with a fresh uniform or last min DIY kit was AndPeople, JD Sports, Incu, Stone Street Agency, Pass~Port Skateboarding and – no one really knowing how good or bad each team was a part from hearing rumours of teams recruiting ‘so and so who is really good’. Ponytails were tied, new shin pads were attached and after a few loose kick arounds the rounds began. Instantly noticing what teams were chasing the W and what teams were happy sinking tins and subbing out players. Naturally there were some off sides, a fair bit of team banter, a couple of players caught sleeping and few people playing like the Man United scout was watching. But it was a class act of a tournament nonetheless. After the knockout rounds and a couple of injuries the first OFF SEASON* winner emerges – JD Sports, with some saying an underdog victory. After all the teams shook hands and the excitement of everyone coming together became outweighed by tiredness and hunger, it was time to get back to Surry Hills and other more familiar suburbs and debrief over a pub meal. Ready for the next one.

Words: Good Sport
Photography: Ben Clement

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