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New York’s Biggest Party

Words: Good Sport

Images: Brad Spudich

It feels like New York’s biggest party. The type of party that’s open and freeing with no judgement from the ‘cool kids’. A safe space of sorts, to put yourself out there on the dance floor and try a move you’ve been practicing in your bedroom for a few months. It’s the type of party that you’ll remember for years to come, well into an age where partying has (maybe) faded. You may have been apprehensive at first about attending this party, but you’d heard so many good things. And on arrival, you realise very quickly, that it really was for everyone.

The 2019 TCS New York City Marathon brings in so many runners and spectators from around the world, creating an atmosphere that matches the city’s ethos to its core. Think 52,000 runners from 129 countries, all there to party (run) – pacing step by step through all five boroughs – each a party unto themselves. While runners battled pain and exhaustion from the marathon dance floor, they were met with encouragement and support to keep it moving.

New Yorkers and their visitors packed sidewalks, streets, and stoops, motivating runners with multilingual cheers and homemade signs. The DJ sets providing the soundtrack that catch on just at the right moment with quarter notes coincided with runners’ steps. The marathon was a celebration of athletic feats, the city, and life itself. Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat — and it’s fitting that the world’s largest marathon takes place in a city defined by its diversity and grit and what we call a true representation of a good party.