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HetHem – BoksGala

Words: Good Sport

Images: Ben Clement

Het Hem is situated in a former munitions factory in Zaandam, near the city of Amsterdam. It has quickly become a new home for contemporary culture by offering multidisciplinary art programmes that shed new light on the world around you. And whilst maintaining a playful and open approach in both the creation and experience of art.

Het HEM has a living room with a library, a café restaurant with a library and a terrace on the waterfront, and a hi-fi music bar. The program changes with the seasons, a new chapter presented four times a year.

Chapter 1ne was curated by Amsterdams own Patta. It’s foundation set in the motto of “Can’t be Greedy… you’ve gotta take some, and leave some.” Along with a strong focus on the importance of learning by doing and how community can be a breeding ground for creativity, encouragement and stimulus.

To bring everything together and round out the end of season 1ne, Patta Amsterdam in co-creation with Aboro Academy and The New Originals present the Boksgala. After ten weeks of training, 34 participants of different ages and backgrounds came together for the event. Their training was to pay off as their program was created and overseen by seven-time boxing champion Michele Aboro.

The event was set up in the middle of the exhibition space, with mirrors as sculptures hanging from the roof and other artworks situated around the room. Showcasing the synergy between art and boxing alike – something that mostly happens in your head.

Good Sport took on the approach that HetHem and Patta set out with the Boksgala and responded photographically.