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Noel v. Snigur – Court No. 01

Words: Good Sport

Images: Matt Ben Stone

Two elite tennis players – one, seeded 10th, the other not seeded at all. Arizona’s Alexa Noel, 16, though bandaged at the knee, entered the Wimbledon final a favourite to emerge victorious over her opponent – Ukraine’s Daria Snigur.

Snigur quickly began both sets of the match at a deficit. Before hitting her stride, she found herself at 4–1 down in the first set, 3–0 down in the second. The momentum quickly shifted as it often does in the intensity of a Grand Slam, seeing the Ukranian take 5 straight games from Noel in the first set and 6 of the last 7 games to seal the match.

17-year-old Snigur ended her junior career at Saturday’s competition and emerged as the first junior girls’ player from Ukraine to win the singles final since Kateryna Bondarenko 15 years ago.


Our good friend Matt Ben Stone was courtside to capture it all.