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Charles LeBrun

Words: Good Sport

Images: Georgia Haynes

Directly descending from not one but two historic Charles LeBrun’s, founder and director Georgia Haynes has crafted a label of the same name as an ode to the heritage that preceded the project and the family motto, whilst all being propelled by her own undying love to the culture of basketball.

Catalysed by a combination of legacies, Good Sport spoke to Georgia about adding yet another dimension to the Charles LeBrun name.

GS: Firstly, can you let us know who you are, what you do and where you are based.

Georgia: My name’s Georgia Haynes. I grew up in a small country Victorian town called Mildura. After finishing year 11 at high school, I studied a diploma in Graphic Design and went onto study Communication Design at Swinburne University in Melbourne. During my schooling years I did a lot of photography on the side, now it is a centrepiece of my current work so I’m glad to have stuck with it. Currently, I’m based in Collingwood, in Melbourne’s Inner-Northern suburbs.

Melbourne has a really rich culture of Basketball, not so much in a ’sport for everyone’ sense like AFL but something that is engrained and thriving in certain areas and in clusters – would you agree? What are your thoughts on basketball culture in Melbourne?

With the huge rise of Australian talent amongst the best in the world in the NBA basketball has received a great interest around the country especially in Melbourne and Sydney. With Ben Simmons being from Melbourne, plus Andrew Bogut being from Sydney – that really helped spark this interest. Seeing people like Simmons and Bogut conquer the NBA that, it gives hope to young Australians in that they do can make their dreams a reality. Plus the NBL is at the strongest it’s ever been and there looks to be no turning back for that. It’s a great time for basketball in Australia.

What is Charles LeBrun… or who is Charles LeBrun?

The name Charles LeBrun originates from my late great-grandfather who was a soldier WWII. Another Charles LeBrun is also an ancestor of mine too though. He was a famous French artist in the 17th Century during the Baroque period and has paintings in the Louvre, Paris and the Château de Versailles. 

What moment sparked you to create a brand inspired by basketball?

The moment that sparked to do a basketball-inspired brand was when I was searching for a pair of basketball shorts to wear for both training and day to day when I felt like wearing something super comfortable. I wanted them to not be a team or brand that was really visible. They also had to have that 90’s baggy fit around the legs and more of a heavier weight.  


It was my way of expressing myself when I was young…

And, where does basketball begin for you? What is your experience with it?

Basketball was my childhood I was so obsessed. I loved the game and the way you could act your true self on the court. It was my way of expressing myself when I was young – basketball was my first love. I used to wear basketball shorts and jerseys every single day as a kid.

Starting a new label in 2018 – What kept you up at night most about it?

Most of the time at night I think to myself “Why the hell am I doing this?”. I think it’s a good thing though because it forces me to do better work and think about everything I do in detail.



Basketball was my first love.

When creating Charles LeBrun pieces, were you listening to anything or watching anything in particular? 

When I’m working I watch music videos. I switch between watching and just listening. Most of the time I listen and/or watch work from artists like Joey Badass, Saba, J Cole, The Internet, Little Simz, Sampha, Jorja Smith, IAMDDB and Princess Nokia.

What’s one challenge you had to overcome in creating the brand and how did you do it?

Finding the right vibe was very tough – I went back to the drawing board quite a few times. Now to help me overcome my challenges I visualise what I would wear myself with the fits and colourways.

What are your long-term goals for the brand?

Stay true to the brand and the LeBrun family motto – ‘fortune favours the brave’. Explore and seek out evolving fashion trends and products that compliment the Charles LeBrun style. But I also don’t want Charles LeBrun to just be a brand but to use it as a platform in many aspects… 


What is something that needs to change in Basketball? 

There’s a lot I want to do with this brand. One goal, in particular, is that I would love to give girl’s/women’s basketball more of a spotlight in terms of making women’s basketball more prominent to everyone. Currently, the men get most of the spotlight. This is an area that could be balanced more I believe. Why do the guys get the lights off and flashing with the smoke machines and the girls get none of that? I hope Charles LeBrun can help with this.

There needs to be more equality in the game between men and women. I would love to see women’s basketball talked about and showcased a lot more than what it currently is…More hype in girls basketball!



I also don’t want Charles LeBrun to just be a brand…

If you could get breakfast/coffee with one basketball player, who would it be?

That one player for me is Allen Iverson – his flow and finesse was what I would try imitate on the court when I was in my younger years.

What is the best sneaker to wear Charles LeBrun with and why?

All white Air Force 1 low’s for sure – I grew up wearing them to high school every day and in turn became a staple in the brand’s identity.

What’s the best basketball video on youtube – can you share a link?

My favourite amongst the millions that are out there is ‘The Blackout’