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Adelaide Norris | Go Skateboarding Day 2018

Words: Good Sport

Images: Mathieu Mathon

June 21st every year we’re all a bit happier because it’s Go Skateboarding Day, although this should be everyday really.

Our friends and longtime ‘skate everyday-ers’ Vans put on a really nice event in Melbourne down at the local, Riverside Park.

We spent the day watching all the slams and hung out with local shredder Adelaide Norris.



Hi, can you introduce yourself please?

My name is Adelaide, i’m 20, I work in a skateshop called Street Machine and I try to work as little as possible so I can skate!
I gotta film something, so I gotta have the time ya know. I used to study animation, but I dropped it to skate.

When did you start skating?

My step dad bought me a board when I was really young, like 10. I always liked messing around with it, but I never really got into it. When I turned 15 I got more into it, and then I was like fuck yeah, I love this. So i’ve been skating for like 10 years.  This is what I wanna to do, for sure. I fell in love with it, it wasn’t anything else, it was just the board, I would always skate randomly, I would love it, the whole idea of learning tricks and skating all the random things around my house.


What can you say about DNL Crew?

So, I was skating with a friend of mine, we rode for the same company at the time, and she was like “oh come hit this spot in Carlton, there’s a crew there, there might be a few girls”, and I get to the spot, and there is the coolest girls i’ve ever seen in my life, I was so intimidated, these chicks were so gnarly, and they ended up being the nicest people.

When I rocked up to the spot,  I was like “What are those 20 girls doing?”, It was insane, I couldn’t believe there were 20 girls at a spot. In my whole time growing up skating I had never really seen another girl, it was a crazy experience. Previously when you saw another girl, you never spoke, it was just like “oh there is another girl in the skatepark”.  its been a year since that, and I live with 3 of them now, we have an all girl skate-house, it’s a family, I don’t really do much else than hang out with them. We skate all the time, we are filming a video, it’s coming out in September. Also, we have noticed a lot more girls coming through the city, it’s rad to see that.


What do you feel when you skate?

Relief, happy, adrenaline, Mostly just relief.

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated?

Never, even if have a shit skate, i’m always  glad I went for a skate. This is my whole life, I don’t do anything else anymore, I wanna be as involved in the industry as possible, doing that isn’t easy, but it just makes sense for me to do it. The reason I started filming, was to get everyone to keep coming together, because some girls would starting get some lose motivation, but they get very amped when they have to film stuff.

There are more and more female skaters in Melbourne and around the world too, and all genders in skateboarding, not only male, but people who don’t know who they are or identify in other ways.

I know, it’s so rad. We hang out with a whole bunch of gender diverse people, and we bring them into skating, and they won’t have that fear of being different, because we are all fuckin’ different, so it’s just rad to all come together and just hang out.

Do you have any explanation of why it happened in the last 5 years?

Femininity and gender diversity has become a lot more accepted in society. But as you can tell in the last 5 years, in skateboarding, feminine styles as well as accepting who you are are more prevalent. For example, Brian Anderson coming out as gay, people are way more accepting and want to be a little bit different, before it was like just fit in, you do your shit, you have a crew, fit in, film a part and now it’s like, fuck it, we’re all different, all skateboarders are a little bit weird, and now girls are allowed to do that, everyone is super accepting about it which is really rad.

Do you have a message to share to other females in skateboarding?

Find another person to do it with, and fuckin’ go out there and do it, ignore what else is going on. It’s as simple as ”Hey i’m gonna skate today you should come if you have nothing else to do”. It’s always easier to skate in parks, even if it’s a quiet skatepark -  go at midday, practice some stuff and eventually you will get better and your confidence will grow. Even if you are on your own, I grew up skating on my own, my whole life. You just have to put some music on, or just vibe off yourself, instead of vibing off what everyone else is doing. Just have fun, if you don’t feel comfortable going to the skatepark, just go at the back of your house, go in the garage if it’s raining, just enjoy it.

Do you have any sponsors?

I got -  Vans, Hemley Skateboarding and Theeve Trucks. Hemley Skateshop is making waves by being the only one supporting women, Hemley has two girls riding for them, No shop in Melbourne has girls riding for their team, I think they are probably looking though. 

Who are your favourite skaters of all time and at the moment?

My all time favourite is Alexis Sablone, I have 3 pro boards of her on my wall. Also Lacey Baker and some dudes like Andrew Allen, Elijah Berle, there’s a few.