Good Sport

Take The Bridge – Melbourne. An unsanctioned race…

Words: Good Sport
Photographs: Dan Purnell

Lululemon spoke to Darcy Budworth, founder of Take the Bridge & lululemon NYC Ambassador, Ben Clement, AM:PM Run Crew Founder & lululemon Emporium Ambassador and Sean Marshall, Take the Bridge Melbourne Race Director, about the unique, grassroots race that celebrates a pure and common love of running. 

“With no set course, there are no mile markers. The distance is determined by whatever route you take. So instead of trying to hit your known 5k or 10k pace, you are more focused on racing with the person next to you. As a result, you are more present in your race, and you experience "racing" in a whole new light.” Darcy Budworth

“From the moment Take the Bridge was brought to my attention, I was fascinated with the concept of an unsanctioned, no holds barred foot race through the streets. Coming from a musical promotion background (mainly punk music) this format really spoke to me in terms of how raw and off the cuff the race format can be.“ Sean Marshall

“When I think of Run Different, I break the two words up. Run is what we do naturally, it's the basis of what we do. Different is where we start to play and experiment. TtB is exactly this, Yes, we are running, but the different, the different is open to be molded, shaped, torn apart, and re-built every time.” Ben Clement

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Film and Race credits:

Director: Ben Clement
Producer: Matt Willocks
DOP: Matthew E Thomas
Second camera unit: Georgia Haynes

Editor + Colorist: Matthew E Thomas
SFX Artist: Yourdio
Music: nikodimoz
Race Director: Sean Marshall
Take The Bridge: Darcy Budworth