Good Sport


A series by Zeke Bogusky

Deep in Wildwood, Florida, this happens. Swampfest.

A dogpile of BMXers and skaters leaping across rickety plywood ramps and the sandy wet soil of the local motocross track. This is where Trey Jones leaves his imprint on action-sports culture by organizing two days of the most off-the-rails jam sessions, before burning it all to the ground.

Bikes, trucks, boards, motorcycles... even lawnmowers are proud emblems of anarchy. 

Add the pallets of free beer – all "stolen" on the first night – and it's hard not to relate this event to the ubiquitous Florida Man headlines, and that's because he lives here at Swampfest. What Swampfest tells us is that within each of us, lives our own Florida Man.



GS: Zeke, what does left field mean to you?

ZB: I am vaguely aware that the term left field might come from baseball originally, but even that is only a guess. Conversationally, I've heard "out of left field" used to suggest something wildly unexpected, sudden, creative, out-of-the-box, out-of-the-blue, or out-of-nowhere. Based on these synonyms I'm led to believe that left field is a box, and it's blue as well. Where is this blue box? Of course it's also a field and it must be left, but left of where? If out-of-left-field is out-of-nowhere, left field might be nowhere at all.