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Subspace ‘On Transit’

Sport and travel go together like a well-tied shoelace on your runners. Without it, you’re not getting very far, or you're stumbling along.

Parents driving the wide-eyed child in the passenger seat, heading to Saturday morning football. The passenger bus, full of eager volleyball players, bound for a national tournament. The superstar basketball team, flying state to state during a season of games. Fans driving from out of town to get an early parking spot at the MCG for the big game. And there are the runners, converging upon a city, using all modes of transport to get there. All united by a singular purpose—to get themselves from the start line to the finish.


Subspace is travelling to Sydney and landing from the 14th to the 17th of September. Surrounding the Sydney Marathon, which this year hopes to have enough finishers to become one of the world majors.

Subspace is a dynamic-transitioning series of events held within @blankgalleryaus hosted over four days between September 14—17.

Hosted by three running crews @kingscrosstrackclub (SYD) (MEL) @graverunners (AKL) It’s an accumulation of ideas, experiences and friendships.  The subspace team instead put the question forward, ‘what does a running event look like with no running?’. And so Subspace was formed. They see it as your boarding pass to the Sydney Marathon. You’ll find, among other things; an exhibition of graphic posters, a mental fitness workshop, tattoos, letter writing, passport photos, live performances, film screenings and walking breakfast through Chinatown.

↓ Good Sport will be present throughout the weekend. Meeting, talking, and documenting the goings on.

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Check out the program below.

Thursday PM : Launch ⏤ Opening Night

Friday AM: Neck Pillow ⏤ Breathwork & Meditation w/

Friday PM: Cruise Control ⏤ Evening Run

Saturday AM: Running On Empty ⏤ Breakfast w/ @long_prawn + @soulofchinatown

Saturday PM: In-Flight Entertainment ⏤ On Running Film Screening

Sunday AM: Pack ’n’ Send ⏤ @sydney_marathon ⏤ Crew Cheer Zone

Sunday PM: Rapid Travel Across Multiple Time Zones ⏤ After Party w/ @jontidanimals From @stonesthrow

+ Always On:
@boogiewithsatan ⏤ Flash Tattoos
Letter Writing
Wall of Change
Passport Photos

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