Good Sport
Polished Football by Daniel Hassett 

Naarm/Melbourne based photographer Daniel Hassett photographs a series of work as a tribute to those who follow the local game of football in Australia – not just a big European club abroad. He says, 'It's for those who turn up and invest their time in the future. Matildas before they're Matildas. Socceroos before they're Socceroos. The supporters who represent a club in the city that they're actually from, not just a huge club based somewhere that they've never been. This is for the true fans. They are the lifeblood of our game.'

Good Sport asks, what does left field mean to you? 

DH: It’s the periphery of our expectations. The unique, surprising and unprompted.

Be sure to check out more of Daniel's work at the link.

Photographer: Daniel Hassett

Styling: Holly Karas

HMUA: Cherie Green