Good Sport

London Marathon 2020 - A virtual account

Photographs by Pim Rinkes

Each year as every major marathon rolls around, Amsterdam based photographer Pim Rinkes is up close and personal capturing both friends from global running crews and some of the most decorated marathon runners of our time.

London has been a recurring marathon for Pim. Every year trying new things and coming away with new learning's while witnessing heroic stories unfold. “A meaningful and fun trip to London each year'”Pim says. “I tried everything I could to be there this year through everything that is going on in the world right now, but there ended up being no way for it to happen.” Instead of feeling sad about it and letting the opportunity sail. Pim thought that this was the perfect occasion to shoot in an alternative way to how he usually works.

Taking the months of lockdown and isolation to let new ideas percolate. The location, still the London marathon, but not from the finish line, or from the back of a motorbike. But from the comfort from his living room. Allowing for creative decisions that might not have made if he would have been there in person.

'Where one door closes, many others will open.'

Enjoy this living room documentation of the 2020 London Marathon by Pim Rinkes