Good Sport
Adidas Go-Sees presented by Good Sport
Words by Good Sport

As part of their recent takeover series in Melbourne, Good Sport partnered with Adidas to bring to life a day in a photography studio. Drawing from the classic ‘go-see’ approach, the event invited members of the public – some pre-arranged, others pulled straight from the street – to stand in on set as subjects. Instead of leaning into the conventionally lo-fi  ‘go-see’ mode, we dialled it up and wondered instead – what if all of these models were the face of a new Good Sport issue?

Collingwood’s OTC Gallery was turned into a makeshift studio for the day, the inside teeming with an extensive photography set & crew, coffee and pastries put up by Coffee Supreme, plus a production team including artist Tom Lewis, stylist Thalea Michos Vellis and hair & make-up artist Georgia Gaillard. Once caffinated, touched up and styled,  our models got on set to be photographed by Good Sport’s own Ben Clement. Choosing their favourite flick, files were bounced around in the air between computers before being printed in one corner of the room, then drawn over by Tom Lewis, who’s artwork brought the fantastical future Good Sport cover to life – reinventing the design each and every time in this neat game of make-believe.

It was a stroke different to the kind of set so many of us from the industry are used to. Buzzing, playful, relaxed and topped to the brim with intrigue and gratitude. Couples, dogs, families new and old stepped up to the plate to look down the lens. The time between shots that is usually filled by frantic planning instead was space for conversations about projects, hugs from friends, sips of coffee and pats of dogs. “How does this work?” Where did you get this hat?” Have you met my Mum?” Can you draw a fish and turtle on mine?”

Everyone left the gallery with new ideas, friends and hopefully a less elusive sense of ease when standing in front of a camera – plus their own personal GS cover that we bet has earned top spot on the fridge.

Photography & Production by Ben Clement
Art Direction & Design by James Whiting
Artwork by Tom Lewis
Styling by Thalea Michos Vellis
Make-Up by Georgia Gaillard
Video & BTS by Wilhelm Phillipp
Photography Assistants Jake Nemirovsky & Luke Chang