Good Sport

Exit Point by Kyle Macfadzean

Tim Howell lives his life stood on the edge, peering from some of the world’s highest peaks before he lets gravity, lets nature take over.

Exit Point is a short film inhabiting the mind’s eye of the man who has been described as ‘Britain’s greatest BASE jumper’ as he prepares for his descent.

Tim Howell is to BASE jumping what Alex Honnold is to free soloing. What Messi is to dribbling. What Conrad Anker is to mountaineering. With over 600 jumps under his belt the former Royal Marine Commando takes us on a journey of pursuit, a pursuit of precise gear preparation, mental strength and ice cold logic.

This cinematic take on the sport has a building intensity, honing in on the beauty and disarming dangers of the mountains. As you take pause and sit with the film, Howell’s experience becomes the viewers’ as he edges closer and closer to his exit point.

The film was produced by Joe Edwards and directed by Kyle Macfadzean. Watch the full film below. We suggest taking a quiet moment, clicking into full-screen and putting your headphones on.