Good Sport
The Endorphins Towel by Good Sport, Areté Complete & Dawn Broadbent

Keep the endorphins rolling, on and off the mat, with the Good Sport all-purpose, all-activity,  or non-activity towel. Lay it down to stop slipping across your yoga mat like a seal lathered in speck. Wrap yourself up and stand like a flamingo while getting changed after a surf.
Make a Rorschach with your sweat-filled face. Let it hold your croissant crumbs,  butter looks just like sweat. Inhale-exhale, find your zen while it supports your comfortable seated position.
Wave it around from the bench when your teammates need a serious heat-check Or, just for the time being, throw the towel in – sit back, relax, feel the endorphins elevate.

Dimensions 72in X 26in / 362g, 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon Microfibre
Made with sustainable inks, in an edition of 100. Use well, use often.