Good Sport
The Endorphins Towel by Good Sport, Areté Complete & Dawn Broadbent

Keep the endorphins rolling, on and off the mat, with the Good Sport all-purpose,
all-activity,  or non-activity towel.
Lay it down to stop slipping across your yoga mat like a seal lathered in speck.
Wrap yourself up and stand like a flamingo while getting changed after a surf.
Make a Rorschach with your sweat-filled face.
Let it hold your croissant crumbs,  butter looks just like sweat.
Inhale-exhale, find your zen while it supports your comfortable seated position.
Wave it around from the bench when your teammates need a serious heat-check.
Or, just for the time being, throw the towel in – sit back, relax, feel the endorphins elevate.


Dimensions 72in X 26in / 362g, 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon Microfibre
Made with sustainable inks, in an edition of 100. Use well, use often.


Behind the design with Dawn Broadbent –

The concept for our sportswear was inspired by a personal experience of mine. At the time of the product's conception, I'd sprained my QL muscle - an injury I struggled with physically, but even more so mentally.
I felt restless and, in spite of my body telling me to ease off, I still tried to swim, work out, or move my body in any way it would allow. Of course, this was foolish and only exacerbated my injury.

When I finally took my foot off the gas and gave my body the rest it necessitated to recover, I tried to decipher what was really fuelling my need to exercise. Essentially, it wasn't actually the sport itself, but rather an intense craving for the post-sport endorphins. After all, there is no greater pleasure than the release of endorphins to the human brain. But that relentless craving for endorphins had actually turned into an unhealthy addiction, leading to overexercising and in turn, injury.

I feel this is an experience in which I'm not alone. It's perhaps one that many athletes who have experienced injury can relate to, which is what prompted me to make reference to it in my design. Essentially, there are many ways to keep the endorphins rolling - meditation, reading, sleeping, being in nature or connecting with loved ones. These too provide a dose of the 'happy drug', as it’s otherwise known, and can be effective coping mechanisms. Ultimately, sport is not a cure, it's just one assured way to elevate endorphins.