A New Day Starts Here

A New Day Starts Here highlights the changes in how we live, work and move. And how we adapt to our environments, create new habits, and set new goals.

This four part series follows four people who are at the intersection of creative curiosity and their athletic pursuits.

Phoebe Waters is a world renowned yoga and movement facilitator. Her life has revolved around bodily expression from a young age. A professional dancer until her early twenties, she transitioned to yoga soon after – a practice that has deeply captured her attention and commitment. She is also passionate about anatomy, breath, how to move well and helping people reconnect with their innate ability to move with freedom.

With the constant feeling that there is never enough time in one day, it’s important to take things slow. Being still gives you the space to feel grounded, which arises an expansion of the mind, and for Phoebe Waters this gives her the inspiration to create.

Phoebe shares her learnings, rituals and why ice-baths although hard are totally worth it.


What new learning will you keep with you from the last couple of months?


That it’s ok to take things slow. Being still gives you the space to feel grounded, which arises the feeling of expansiveness in your mind and for me this gives me the inspiration to create.

Time: 6:31am
Morning Meditation and breathwork using the Breathe app.


How do you design your life through movement?


Most of my day revolves around movement whether it be surfing, yoga, Jiu Jitsu or some other mobility/movement practice.
I like to use movement not only as a way to keep my body conditioned, but to stimulate my brain and build new neural pathways.

Time: 9:16am
JuiJitsu with Callan Krause from Corrective Culture 
Filmed on the Apple iPhone 11 to review both technique and form.


Tell us how the way you live, work and move has changed recently.


This year I was supposed to be leading eight Yoga training courses. I went from having a big traveling schedule to being forced to stay in one spot, which has really been what I needed.

I then created an online, flexible platform for my teaching with an online library of yoga classes and a few zoom classes a week. This has been great for me because, now I’m meeting both international students and my regular students in Melbourne at the same time.


Switching to teaching and training people online - what are some of the challenges this brings. And what surprised you about this way or sharing what you do?


One of the challenges has been the difference in being physically around people, I get so much energy from being around people, I love the classroom environment especially during yoga training because people are so enthusiastic about learning and exploring topics together. I really thrive in that environment and enjoy meeting new people.

What I have loved about teaching online is my ability to connect with past students from all over the world and create my own schedule. Some of the students in my zoom classes I haven’t seen for six years, it’s been a beautiful experience. I have felt a lot of support from everyone.

Time - 12:44pm 
Online yoga teaching


Through your practice of yoga, what new things did you notice internally and what did you notice externally in comparison to other times?


For a long time, I have wanted to focus more on the esoteric side of the practice, to delve into energy work more. So in my practice, it has moved away from very large movements and more towards breathwork and I have been able to change my inner world through manipulation of how we breathe.


With forced change, or the time and opportunity to change, have you found it easy or hard to try new things, to be open to new ways of doing things. 

How does change affect you?


At the beginning, I was totally vibing the isolation.
I was waking up before sunrise, breathing, and meditating on the beach then surfing. It was the perfect start to the day, which was setting me up for a productive and positive day.
I was really inspired by my teaching and creating content for my online students. It’s like I have had time to breathe away from social and work obligations and have the space to create without restriction.

Shot on iPhone 11


Now that most of us are practicing yoga solo, the experience is quite different from a class or in the studio.

What benefits or challenges have you noticed in this new practice?


It’s harder to keep people focused but it also makes people realize how distracted they are and when no one is watching how easily people give up.

When you teach in a public space, it’s really the collective energy of everyone that makes the class “great”, so it’s harder to achieve that on a zoom video, but then it is also an ego check - I ask myself why it has to be amazing? I have found myself worrying more about if my class was good or not via zoom.

I’ve also loved that a lot of my students are advanced practitioners instead of public classes where it’s a mixed bag, so I have been able to go deep into philosophical topics and breathwork over zoom which is an area I get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Time - 2:27pm
Personal Yoga Practice
This is a style called Budokon.
It was created by a man named Cameron Shayne.
The style is a combination of martial arts and animal movement.

Time - 5:09pm
Evening surf with Jordan using the Dawn Patrol app to track wave count.


Being close to the ocean seems to always give people a sense of openness. How does being near the ocean impact your time of living?


Yes, my day begins and ends with the ocean, sunrise and sunset. I get the most overwhelming feeling of connectedness when I sit alone on the beach and watch the ocean, especially on gloomy, windy days. Nature feels like home to me.


Can you describe your meditation/mindful practice?


My meditation practice usually begins with a long pranayama practice (breathing) and recently I have been super connected to mediation on my Ajna Chakra, which represents your intuition or high truth. Doing the breathwork first helps me connect to that space in my body.

Any type of breathwork, when done correctly, gives you the ability to expand your lung capacity. We use about 30% of our lung capacity when we don’t breathe consciously or, teach our body to breathe well consciously so it automatically does it unconsciously.

By not breathing well you are short changing your health. I notice my mental state being more in the positive realm when taking daily breath practices and also I am a lot calmer.

Time - 12:24pm Meditation and Breathwork
Here Phoebe practices Sama Vritti breath while using the the Breathe app on the Apple Watch Series 5. This type of breathwork is a series even fluctuations of the breath and is good for calming the nervous system. 


Let's talk about ice-baths – what benefits do you personally get from them? Talk us through what you do. Having potentially more time or more of a conscious effort to do something uncomfortable - what is your relationship to things like this.


The ice baths are something I have always found enjoyable but not always easy. The first time I ever did one I stayed in for three and a half minutes and it all came down to my ability to control my breath to control my mind.

The second one, I got out after a minute.

As soon as you get in, you want to get out, then you sit…you breathe and again your body is yelling “get out, you can’t do this”. Then everything changes, you move into this deep meditative state, and time seems to pass by quickly as you sit in a state of bliss.

Sometimes I find it super exposing my heart area and I want to cry, but I stay in because I know how it will feel at the end. It is one of the most energizing things I can do for myself. Any time I feel lethargic or in a negative mood, and the ice bath is always a good idea.

Time - 12:55pm 
Icebath Temp: Between 2-6°
Using the AppleWatch Series5 ability to monitor heart rate during exposure to the ice bath.

Apps used on Apple iPhone 11 – Vimeo, SquareSpace, Camera for filming classes and using the video editor, Instagram, Notes, Voice Memos, Stop watch, Yoga Workout, Spotify, Splice, Podcasts.

Apps used on Apple Watch Series 5 – Dawn patrol, Spotify, Voice Memos, Reminders for class ideas and using the Apple Watch to watch the camera while recording classes.
You can see more of what Phoebe gets up to by following her on instagram.

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